Insul-Foam Services specializes in spray foam insulation applications in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. When they approached us to discuss updating their website, they expressed that they wanted a fresh look with clean lines, straight forward navigation to allow their clients easy access to their company information and they wanted to go live asap. Within two weeks, voila!

Did we tell you we love what we do? It’s true. If you have an idea or concept for your website you’d like to see go live quickly, or if you’d simply like to give your tired, outdated site a facelift, we can help. Give us a shout today at 403-257-7047. We look forward to discussing all the details with you.

Even in 2017 content is king on the web!

While moving through your site a search engine gathers content and information by evaluating the words, giving credit to certain words and combinations of words. Words found within your pages are compared to words found within your links and titles.

The words, the content, the material in your site that explains, shares, informs and educates your site visitors is the content search engines digest, but even more importantly, it’s real people who are reading the content so it’s the information that they’ll digest!

Read the article below for further assurance ; )

10 high-performing SEO content habits to help you succeed in 2017!

Ready to transform your old, outdated website?!

Here at Simply Effective we’re currently in the process of doing a website re-design for a previous client. This most recent face-lift involves revamping our client’s website to reflect the new direction they’re taking their business. They would like to replace their five year old site with an updated visual presence in WordPress, and with the ability to manage their own website content as time and inclination permits.

It never hurts to freshen up a site that’s been around for awhile! The key is to ensure that the core message being communicated, especially if successful, remains in tact. Together, along with our client, we are creating a website that speaks specifically to their target audience…a bold, new, fresh look…one that stands out from the rest. Here’s a peek at the initial design concept! Please drop by again soon and check our Portfolio page for a link out to the finished product.

WordPress websites work well for businesses of all types. At Simply Effective our goal, as always, is to keep the site simple and clean — good design and functionality, easy to navigate, and easy to understand.

Whether you’re interested in a brand new site, or if you already have one but are exploring the advantages of a website overhaul with a few key updates, or even a complete re-design, we can help! Give us a call at 403-257-7047. We’d love to put our expertise to work for you and bring any vision you might have to life!

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Here’s a peek at our holiday video created for family, friends & clients. Enjoy…

Wishing you happy holidays and a joyful New Year!

That’s right! We’ve just completed another new website. As mentioned lately here at Simply Effective, we always have a number of websites on the go – brand new – re-designs – updates. We would like to share our latest site created for the Chinook Triathlon Festival.

Our client requested a dynamic site with a scrolling Home page that’s easy to navigate, quick and functional, AND ready to launch within a week so that he can promote his upcoming race before Christmas. This past couple of weeks we created a small, but current site design featuring all the key information pertinent to the Chinook Triathlon event. We are happy to announce that has just been launched! You can click the image below to view the live site.

We wish our client the best of luck with his new and exciting triathlon endeavour!

If you’re looking for a unique, trendy and functional website at an affordable price we’d be happy to come up with a creative design for your business that’s within your budget, without sacrificing quality. Give us a shout at 403-257-7047.


At the beginning of December we announced that we were working on a website re-design for our client, Edge Eaves. We’ve been hard at it for the past couple of weeks and the website’s now launched and live! Our clients are pleased, think it’s a great looking and functional site, and are really proud of it. That makes it all worth it ; )

View live site


Over time websites age and can use an update. During this past year we’ve been busy creating new design concepts for small businesses simply because it was time to refresh their outdated websites. While currently a work in progress, here’s a peek at the Home page of the old site and the Home page of the re-design for Edge Eaves. Visit our blog or Facebook page again soon for a look at the completed version of the site.

If you have an idea or concept to freshen up your website, get in touch. We can help you!


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