This article is directed at that segment of the population who has been aware that it’s absolutely key for their business, regardless how small or large, to have a web presence, but for whatever reason haven’t yet gotten around to it yet! After a website is live, one of the most often asked questions we get is about traditional and web-related marketing.

It’s true that a combination of traditional and web-related marketing strategies should be used to promote your site. While both are of great importance, this post provides a simple overview about web-related marketing for those just getting started!

First and foremost, exposure is one of the most important elements in any business. Being on the net will allow potential clients access to you and the information you have to offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A website teamed up with a blog and social media is a great marketing tool – a low-cost investment to be used over and over again for years!

Just because you have a site, however, doesn’t mean that visitors will automatically show up! Traffic must be generated and driven to your website. Your website and all your other marketing efforts should work hand in hand!

Online marketing methods are an effective way to let the world know that you have a web presence. The internet community needs to know where to find you and search engines, web directories, portal sites, links to, and particularly from, other related sites, and of course *blogs and *social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, will connect you with online visitors. The main objective is to drive potential clients to your site!

A *blog is an informal communications tool on your website that gets updated frequently, designed to engage readers. On pages within your website, your blog is a place to discuss your industry, your company and the needs of clients. Because the blog is updated frequently (the web loves fresh new content!), it can be used as a key tool to improve your results with the search engines.

*Social media is also an informal communications tool complementary to your website. Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, is actually more about marketing than sales. It allows customers and potential customers to share their opinions and reviews of products, services and businesses, and allows you to provide value-added information to customers and showcase your expertise, ultimately marketing your business.

It’s the “sharing” function that makes blogging a social medium.

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Keep in mind, that as with any successful marketing program, it takes a lot of time, patience and commitment. Making your website an effective and useful tool is no different. You have to build relationships with your site visitors based on confidence and trust.

Whatever your blogging and social media requirements, we can help. Give us a call at 403-257-7047. We’re happy to be of service!

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