Simple sites are all about streamlining design…

At Simply Effective Web Design we’re dedicated to creating sites for small to medium-sized businesses that work hard as a marketing tool 24/7!

We offer full-service web design, specializing in WordPress installation/customization.

For the past number of years we have used WordPress as our go-to content management system for new websites.  Since many clients prefer to update their own websites, WordPress is the perfect system to do just that, since it is easy to navigate and easy to update information with minimal instruction. More about WordPress »

Our philosophy is uncluttered, minimalist-styled design

A good site educates its visitors, has good functionality, good design impact (using pared-down design elements), is easy to navigate, and is easy to understand.
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Make your site visitors feel comfortable & confident

Makes sense, but how many sites have you visited where it’s just impossible to get around, let alone make sense of the message or purpose!

Clutter will not instill confidence in your business so keep it simple, clean, well-organized and easy to follow so that your visitors can find what they’re looking for.

We offer unique, functional, professional websites

To achieve results, a site high in quality and usability is the key. Everything in balance, no one feature dominates! Website Design, Promotion, Hosting & more »

View our work…

Simply Effective caters to businesses of all types. To view some of the WordPress powered sites we’ve created visit our Portfolio Gallery »

You will find diverse examples that showcase our work, but they are by no means a comprehensive list!

If you have an idea or concept for your website site, need a mobile phone app, would like to discuss how to get your social media or multimedia project started, feel free to contact us. We’d be delighted to work with you to make it a reality!

“Success comes from reaching as many people as possible in the right target market…
the key is consistency, visibility & using a variety of marketing strategies.”

– Author Unknown