Social Media Management

Need help setting up your social media sites?

You’ve heard that social media is all about engaging existing and potential customers, and that
adding social media to your online presence is becoming an essential business requirement, but you don’t have a clue where to begin? We can get you up and running!

As with anything new, trying to negotiate all the set-up details can be a little daunting, but not to
worry, we can help you turn social media into an opportunity to share and exchange information by getting your business set up and maintaining your social media presence.

Simply Effective offers a basic service launching Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube,
or any other pertinent social media sites. Whatever your requirements, or whatever social media platform(s) is your preferred method of communication, we can help with a number of “do it for or,
do it with you”

  1.  We can set up your social media site accounts for you and teach you how to do your own social media maintenance (manage privacy settings, post status updates complete with links, photos, and videos) using a step-by-step approach over the phone.
  2.  We can set up your social media site accounts, you can provide the content of your post entries, and we’ll send your posts out through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. for you.
  3.  We can set up your social media site accounts, as well as, create ongoing (monthly) content such as service updates, new product launches, special offers, news announcements, business-related articles etc. to be sent out through Facebook and Google+ or tweeted out through Twitter.

You likely get the idea that it’s not enough to simply create social media accounts. You actually have to use them! We will set your social media pages up – with design-to-match branding, that is to match your website – and get you headed in the right direction!

Every customer is an individual and as such has specific needs for their social media and marketing. View some of the work we’ve done for our social media clients.

Why social media…take it from an expert!

One of our most respected experts on writing for the web and social media is Canadian Nick Usborne. Here’s an excerpt from one of his articles on social media:

“If you have an online presence, you should add social media sites…here are 5 reasons why:

1. Social media efforts can attract more prospects which can mean more sales!

2. Building a list of followers through social media can also mean more sales!

3. Engaging and educating readers through social media can lead to more sales!

4. Reaching influencers through social media can set up PR, joint venture, and other opportunities … Again, more sales!

5. Getting real results such as event attendees, coupon redemptions, store visits, and direct sales!

See the trend?”

Whatever social media management works for you and your business, Simply Effective is happy to get you started. Get in touch today to discover how you can expand your exposure … and more sales opportunities … in this new world of social media. May as well make the decision to do it, it’s not going away anytime soon!!!

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