If it’s been well over a year since your WordPress website was launched and has been operational, it’s likely time for a security & performance cleanup/tune-up!

Even if you’ve completely overlooked your Dashboard (back end database of your site) and have done next to nothing, it’s never too late for improvements! That said, taking good care of the back end of your site can have a big impact on site performance and is critical to keeping your site secure.

If you’d rather spend your time running your business and attracting new clients rather than spending your time on site maintenance, we can help! We’ll update your Dashboard for you:

– Update your WordPress to the Latest Version
– Delete Spam & Comments
– Update Sidebar Menu Items
– Empty WordPress Trash Can
– Empty WordPress Deleted Posts/Drafts
– Delete Old Themes (keeping the latest WordPress default theme installed as your backup)
– Deactivate and Delete Unwanted Plugins
– Remove Unwanted Widgets
– Delete Unused Resized Images
– Change the Footer
– Restore Backup
– All Which Improve Security & Performance

We’ll help to ensure your website is running on the latest version of WordPress so that you can benefit from all the latest features, fixes and improvements that WordPress has to offer. Just give us a shout at your convenience!


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