Multimedia Simply Effective

Enhance Your Website & Social Media

Thinking of using some multimedia to give your blog or social network a boost?

Multimedia can be used to enrich your website and social media platforms. We’ve created everything from video, voice-over and music beds, to commercials and can help you determine what will and won’t work.

What is Multimedia anyway?

Multimedia – multi – meaning more than one, and media – meaning form of communication.

Multimedia fall into one of five main categories and use varied techniques for digital formatting. Generally, the five elements of multimedia are:

  • Text – word content on the screen and still the fundamental media used to express specific information.
  • Graphics – static/still images including photographs, illustrations, drawings, icons or any other non-text element.
  • Animation – animated images or figures on the screen or transitions throughout a media presentation.
  • Audio sound – music, recorded narration, dialogue or sound effects.
  • Video – video footage embedded into the media or a link to the video is made available.

You can inform and captivate your visitors with high quality text, images, audio sound, animations and video footage. Multimedia applications can include any one or more combinations of these media content. More about the Five Elements of Multimedia.

View samples of multimedia work we’ve created and produced for various clients.