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Multimedia Clients

You can inform and captivate your visitors with high quality text, images, audio sound, animations and video footage. Multimedia applications can include any one or more combinations of these media content. More about the Five Elements of Multimedia.

Animated Explainer Video Production Basics

When creating an Explainer video it’s important to:

  1.  Have a solid script to tell your story otherwise your video won’t connect with your target audience.
  2.  Have high-quality voice-over narration to match your visual story; each piece of the animation will
    be matched to the voice-over recording.
  3.  Select and assemble all the animation parts to bring your video to life.
  4.  Add the perfect music track to give your video some texture.

We’ll meet with you to discover your company’s objectives for your video project. Together we’ll develop your storyboard and script, provide voice-over audio, assemble all the individual animated pieces, and add the perfect music selection to enhance your high-quality video.

You too, can inform and captivate your visitors with creative, high-quality business video production. If you have questions or would like to learn more about the video production process, give us a call at 403-257-7047.

The following are a few samples of multimedia work we’ve created and produced for various clients.

Animated Video Production & Explainer Video for Business

Smart ContractorSmart-Contractor-Explainer-Video
Score The PlayScore-the-Play-Hockey-App-Explainer-Video
Jencor MortgageJencor Mortgage

8 Interesting Business Facts For The Web
8 Interesting Small Business Facts
Selling a Business Learner Video
Selling Your Business Broker Information
8 Elements Online Course Learner VideoBuying a Business Online Course

Promo for Ultra520K Texastexasholder
Psychic Network Explainer Videopsychicnetwork
Big Rig TowingBig Rig Towing Who We Are Video

Video Production

Shake Experts

Ad for Ken Eddy Seminars
Ken Eddy Seminars Add
DVD 10 Secrets of Success
Ken Eddy Secrets of Success.

Senior Real Estate Specialist
Video Production for Alberta Storage Place
Alberta Storage Place & Frogbox
.On-site Marketing Video with Voice-OverEnviroblast dry ice blasting

Drone Photography & Videography

Promo Video Ultra520K Canada520k
Real Estate MarketingSimply Effective Web Design Real Estate Drone Marketing Video
Real Estate MarketingSimply Effective Web Design Real Estate Drone Marketing Video.

Global Training CenterGlobal Training Center


Vocal Performance/Singer YMCA
Voice-over United Way
United Way

Audio/Music Production

Song Placement in Movie
Vocal performance for Compound Fracture
  Writer/Director Promotion VideoCalgary Flames Red Hot