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Drone Photography & Videography

Experience a new level of aerial and action photography and videography. The Phantom 3 Advanced drone produces stunning photos and videos from a completely different perspective.

  • We can capture some of the most breathtaking photography and videos fit for the big screen, with crisp images, beautiful resolution and vivid colours.
  • We can capture epic aerial video over long distances in real time. You will experience what it is like to be above the world without ever leaving the ground, a bird’s eye view of everything your camera sees as it flies.
  • The drone’s gimbal helps in stabilizing the aircraft which prevents shaky photos streaming to you in HD view with absolute clarity, enabling you to get that perfect shot.

The Phantom 3 Advance is completely under our control from takeoff to landing, responding to commands while automatically handling the most complex aspects of safe, stable flight.

With drone aerial and action photography and videography, the sky’s the limit! Whether shooting promo and marketing videos, outdoor training sessions, and athletic races, or examining rooftop damage, helping real estate agents with aerial photography and video tours, this new technology will bring your imagination to life.

Have a look at some footage we’ve captured in a few of our recent projects. It might just inspire some new ideas for your company’s next marketing project!

Promo Video Ultra520K Canada520k Watch Video
Real Estate MarketingSimply Effective Web Design Real Estate Drone Marketing Video Watch Video
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