Social media is an important part of your brand. It reflects not only what your business is, but also who you are as the business owner. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and all the other social outlets have a huge reach and if you don’t know the proper etiquette for these mediums you could damage your reputation as a reputable business.

Your business posts should be just that. Business!

Your social media should reflect information that is informative and innovative. More people will come back to your website or feed when you have quality content. That is one of the things Google has always put forward now more than ever. Content is King!

Develop your social media strategy and networking with someone who you feel comfortable can write effectively for your business. Having an automated service pump out generic comments about you or your firm will not keep people returning to your site. Besides, when was the last time something automated had a sense of humor?!

Writing great content is always a challenge, but finding new angles to stories and creating well written content is what will differentiate you from others and will gain you superior notoriety with your audience and search engines.

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