With typography variety being one of the top new trends in web design, maybe it’s time to consider adding some styling and a little uniqueness to your website logo or business name with a new font. No longer are the standard serif or san-serif fonts such as Georgia, Times New Roman, Arial and Helvetica, to name a few of the old standards, going to be the norm, but a mix and match of more bold fonts in bigger sizes.

You’re trying to come up with a unique font for your business logo or business name for your website banner but you just aren’t all that familiar with fonts?

Perhaps you’ve seen a font in use in a magazine ad, poster, or on the web and wondered what font it is. It’s a font you really love, and you’d like to use it too, but don’t know how or where to find it.

WhatTheFont font recognition system is your answer!

WhatTheFont can identify the font you are looking for! Simply upload a scanned image of the font that you want to ID to their servers and instantly find the closest matches in their database. The system will show you multiple font results.

If WhatTheFont can’t figure it out, you can submit your image to the WhatTheFontForum and wait for feedback from font enthusiasts around the world. For sure these experts will be able to help you out!

For more information about WhatTheFont and how to find your special font, visit www.myfonts.com.

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