SOCIAL – of or relating to society or its organization. It can mean gregarious or companionable.

socially-writtenWhen used as a noun, it’s referring to a gathering of people, usually for the purpose of enjoying each others’ company. These days it most commonly refers to being connected on your social network whichever one you choose to frequent.

That being said, being socially connected through your favourite blog or social network does not always mean you are enjoying others’ company. In fact, a lot of the time your social page seems to be cluttered with junk or spammed advertising, someone’s bad idea of a joke, what their latest heart rate is, what coffee shop they happen to be at (who cares?!) or worse yet, an unsolicited post of someone’s mental, physical or financial situation.

How do you join in a social conversation with any of that? That’s right. You don’t.

Good socially written information should be informative and encourage a response. It’s pretty hard to respond to a picture posted of what someone is having for dinner. Should I comment and say “Hey, that looks good. Can you send me a picture of the beer you’re having too?” Or should I ‘Like’ the image just because that’s the thing to do?

Your business page should only carry what will draw you clients, customers and those interested in what you have to offer, in. You can leave all the other conversations out.

Make sure that your socially written content has a sense of professionalism that shows your business in the best light all the while carrying on a great social conversation.

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