CMS Website Transfer Package

Many of our clients have requested their website graphics, navigation menus and page content simply be transferred to the WordPress CMS system. The CMS system provides a modern design appearance with advanced functionality.

Due to all these requests, we’ve put together a value-packed package offering a layout option that retains the flavour of your existing site, but with the opportunity to refresh/update your site content. It is a tailor-made site over which you have full control. Armed with training via an instructional tutorial, you add all new content, then maintain it and make any necessary changes and updates whenever needed. No more waiting for your “web person” to fit you into their queue!!

Not only that, every installation of WordPress comes with a file editor you can use to edit your pages right in your browser without having to worry about downloading and uploading the files in order to edit them. With just a click your new pages and/or changes are published to the net!

When you do your own site maintenance, the only continuing expense is for hosting service and domain name registration.

Website transfers/set-up for up to 10 pages » $1,200 + GST

For a brief overview about WordPress click here. If you still need additional information about how to get your website transfer under way, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to answer all your questions!

Once you make the decision to convert to WordPress, with minimal instruction you’ll be updating your site content in no time!

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