Writing for the Web

One of our most respected experts on writing for the web is Canadian Nick Usborne.

“Nick’s passion is web marketing and helping freelancers and small companies grow their businesses. He devotes much of his time to helping people improve their own web content writing skills.”

Nick recently wrote an article on writing a website home page. In his article he includes the following 4 tips:

  • Use your principal home page headline to communicate your site’s underlying value proposition.
  • Use some short introductory text to clarify and expand on your headline.
  • Help visitors find what they are looking for.
  • Make your first-time visitors feel comfortable and confident.

If writing for the web is an area you struggle with, click here to read the long version of each of the points above. It may just kick-start your writing in a whole new direction and with new-found enthusiasm…

Thanks Nick!

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