Social media is an informal communications tool complementary to your website that gets updated frequently and is designed to engage and share with readers. It’s the “sharing” function that makes this communication a social medium. And, it’s the sharing function that takes dedicated time and commitment!

At the rate of speed that social media is dramatically changing the web, many companies are finding that they can’t keep up. They know they have to adapt and use social media as part of their marketing plan, and they may have their social media profiles set up, but other than that they have no idea how to get started or simply don’t have the staff to devote to the task.

Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, is actually more about marketing than actual sales.

While the medium is the perfect place to discuss your industry, your company, the needs of your clients, as well as provide value-added information to customers, and showcase your expertise, this is definitely a time consuming endeavour. Not to mention, responding and interacting with those customers and potential customers who want to share their opinions and reviews of products, services and businesses.

As with any successful marketing program, it takes a lot of time, patience and commitment. Making your social media an effective and useful tool is no different. You have to build relationships with your readers based on confidence and trust. Well-written social media content that reflects the true reputation of your business is a marketing opportunity you don’t want to miss!

N.B. Yet another key reason to get on board with social media: search results! Because social media is updated frequently (the web loves fresh new content!), it can be used as a key tool to improve your web results with the search engines.

Isn’t it time?

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