Absolutely No Conscience

How is it that some folks can do such underhanded things leaving a huge stain on the industry?

We were recently approached to create a website for a company who has experienced some very bad luck with some “shady” individual(s) in our industry. After going through the time consuming process of relationship building and discussing strategy and direction for their website development, our client was certain he had selected the “web design company” who could get the job done. After all, they had promised they could make their new client’s vision come to life!

Sadly, after this company (or more likely, one individual) had secured the required deposit to begin the web project, they were never heard from again. Our client was left in the dust with nothing but a registered domain name! Who does this?

We have worked with clients all across North America and some. Mostly anonymously, online via email and phone calls. Isn’t this the way of the world? An understanding that a contract is a contract, despite the fact that we may never meet face to face. Whatever happened to the “gentleman’s handshake”? Honouring “your word”?

These individuals leave such a dark mark on our industry. How does one put faith and trust in the next company they seek to do the job? Fortunately, after a decade in the web design business, this situation isn’t pervasive, but sporadic. I guess no different really, than how this behaviour applies across the board in all business/walks of life.

Shame on whoever adopts this immoral work ethic. Unfortunately for them, karma does not discriminate…actions bring upon ourselves inevitable results. It’s just the good ol’ law of the Universe that what you put out there eventually returns to you. Honestly, why not make it something great?

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