Yes, in today’s business environment of online marketing, if you have a business, you really should have a website. Period. A website is not only a way of reaching more potential customers, but it will help your business gain credibility by virtue of being traceable and accessible over the Internet.

Here at Simply Effective we’re currently in the process of doing a website re-design for our client, Bergh Tatomir & Associates.

It never hurts to freshen up a site that’s been around for awhile! The key is to ensure that the core message being communicated, especially if successful, remains in tact. Together, along with our client, we are creating a website that speaks specifically to their target audience…a bold, new, fresh look…one that stands out from the rest.

Our client requested that their site be easy to navigate, quick and functional, and ready to launch within several weeks. To see the finished product, view the site at

Get in touch if you’re thinking about a website for your business or giving your existing site a facelift. Call 403-257-7047. We’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss any design ideas you might have.

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