No One-Size-Fits-All Answer or Hard & Fast Rules

When creating content for your website or social media platforms most folks know that creating fresh, relevant and unique content is super important to reach your ideal customers and keep them coming back. In the blogging world, a commonly used phrase is, “it’s all about the content.”

That said, oftentimes people are really unsure as to how often posting content is required. To be sure there is no one-size-fits-all answer. For the most part being consistent in your blogging or posting activity is important. If you don’t update your blog or social media with a new post, there is no reason for people to visit.

Not only that, each new post is a new opportunity for people to find you through the search engines. The more opportunities, the better the chances that new visitors will find you in more than one capacity. Imagine them finding your social media posts, your website, your business, your product +/or services! You know what I mean…

Whether you post something daily, three times a week or four times a month will depend on the topic and your readers. The key is keeping your schedule consistent. If you post once a week, stick to that. It’s better than posting a blog every day for a month and then not doing anything for two or three months. You want visitors to know that they can check in for fresh new content on a regular basis. If you leave it too long between posts, your visitors may just think that there’s nothing new to come back for.

So, while there are no hard and fast rules and most suggestions are only guidelines, you really need to test out the different social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram. For most businesses, the key to success on social media sites is to post relevant information consistently. Doing three to four blog posts per month is sufficient.

Cheers to inspired posting!

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