The focus is on more simplicity and less clutter.

Flat design in its most basic form is a stylistic approach to designing websites where all the 3D elements, gradients, outdated textures, shadows and effects are stripped away to leave behind the bare necessities. The removal of these design elements is what creates a ‘flat’ design.

Simple, clean lines with bold, vibrant colours and beautiful typography that appear smooth and minimalistic on flat screens bring websites to life. This style of design creates fresh, modern, uncluttered screens that operate quickly. Flat design interacts better with smaller handheld devices too, perfect for the growing popularity of mobile-browsing.

In the article, What is Swiss Style Typography?, by Rudolph Musngi, it’s clear that many of the elements of flat design are based on the influential “Swiss Style”. In the article Mr. Musngi stated:

“Swiss style emphasizes neatness, eye-friendliness, readability and objectivity. Its foundations go back to its strong reliance on elements of typography and universality. This basic knowledge of universal understanding made Swiss style earn its moniker dubbing it as the ‘International Typographic Style’.”

Being modernist by nature, the Swiss Style served as the forerunner for the graphic web design trends. It is this reason why it is called the King of Web Design. It can be easily identified for its immense simplicity and exhortation to beauty and purpose. These two principles are often manifested in the use of asymmetric layouts, grids, sans-serif typefaces, left-flushes and simple but impactful photography. These elements are produced in a simple but highly logical, structured and harmonious manner.”

One of the keys then, in flat design, is to remove anything that’s superfluous. Simplicity and less clutter can lead to beauty and functionality. Your site visitors will thank you as flat design elements allow sites to load more quickly and page content can be absorbed with ease.

Bottom line, with flat design, less is more, and it appears that this design style is here to stay, at least into 2015!

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