Can You See Your Website on Mobile Devices?

It’s true that every mobile phone cannot display Flash. That means that on iPhones and iPads nothing will be seen in the place of your Flash website except a “missing plug-in” image asking you to install Flash, which unfortunately can’t be done. With Blackberry and Android devices, you could download the app, but with Adobe announcing that it has stopped developing Flash player for all  mobile browsers, even those apps are obsolete!!

Further…one of the main issues that mobile phone developers have had is the problem of power. While our personal computers have extremely powerful processors, the processors in mobiles are currently still too weak to display Flash objects. Even if the CPU’s were powerful enough, it would use up the phone’s battery life significantly and what use would that be? More inconvenient and frustrating than anything.

In summary, if folks can’t get into your site they’ll simply leave and go to one of your competitor’s sites! So it really doesn’t make all that much sense to create a site that is not viewable by the largest, fastest growing type of devices on the planet!

If you’re concerned that your Flash designed website can’t be seen on mobile phones, give us a call today at 403-257-7047 to discuss your options.

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