At the beginning of September we announced that we were working on a website re-design for our client, Discovery Music. We’ve been hard at it for the past couple of weeks and the website’s now launched and live! Our clients are pleased, think it’s a great looking and functional site, and are really proud if it. That makes it all worth it!

That’s right! We’ve launched another new website. This time we’ve developed a cool little site, Score the Play, which promotes a coaching app to keep track of hockey players of all ages ice time and great plays and to help them improve their game. It is a fully responsive website on all types of mobile devices and phones. Responsive design is used to allow one’s website to adapt automatically to your visitor.

We wish our client the best of luck with their new and exciting endeavour!

Are you looking for a new way to explain, share, inform or educate your clients, colleagues or employees? Explainer videos are an awesome solution!

So what are explainer videos anyway?

Generally, they are a powerful new way to communicate! Short, simple animated video presentations that can be used to grab attention or captivate your audience by explaining or teaching any concept in an entertaining way.

Explainer video presentations can be impactful in any business situation from tutorials, how-to’s and training videos, to product promotion, sales proposals and company announcements. In fact, they can be used in hundreds of ways – for anything you can imagine!

To find out more about how these amazing little videos can complement your marketing mix, call us today!

Over time websites age and can use a little facelift! During the summer months we’ve been busy creating new design concepts for small businesses simply because it was time to refresh their outdated websites. While currently a work in progress, here’s a peek at the Home page of the old site and the Home page of the re-design for Discovery Music. Visit our blog or Facebook page again soon for a look at the completed version of the site.

If you have an idea or concept to freshen up your website, get in touch. We can help you!



When it comes time to write your business posts are you often out of ideas?

Hey, we’ve all been there. It can be difficult to come up with inspiring new content week after week, especially when you’re already so busy running your business.

It is important however, to keep getting information out there to promote your business.

Blogging / writing social media posts is a fantastic way to share what you have to offer with the rest of the world. It has two immediate benefits:

  • it can help establish your business as a current, thriving, growing organization.
  • it gives the search engines the impression that your website / social media platform is continually improving, resulting in better search ranking.

Even though you know your business inside and out, there are simply days that you find yourself staring at a blank computer screen. Hopefully this article for generating great blog post topics will get your creative juices flowing again!

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Happy writing!


Why not add drone aerial and action photography or videography to your marketing mix?!

Whether shooting promo and marketing videos, outdoor training sessions, or helping real estate agents with aerial photography and virtual tours, this new technology will bring your imagination to life. It may even inspire a few ideas for your company’s next marketing project!

You’ll experience a new level of aerial and action photo and video production with cinematic quality. The Phantom 3 Advanced drone produces stunning photos and videos from a completely different perspective.

Learn more

The sky’s the limit!

Why not stand out from the competition? Get in touch at 403-257-7047 for more details.


We are very excited to have launched our client’s new website and wish them the best of luck in all future endeavors.


Over the past few months we’ve been asked by numerous small companies to come up with a new design concept for their outdated websites. The most recent being Calgary Custom Stainless. While it’s currently a work in progress, here’s a peek at the Home page of the old site and the Home page of the re-design. Visit our blog or Facebook page again soon for a look at the completed version of the site.


Whether you’re interested in a brand new site, or if you already have one but are exploring the advantages of a website overhaul with a few key
updates, or even a complete re-design, we can help! Ready to go to work? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch at 403-257-7047.

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