You’re likely aware that video is widely used in today’s web design and social media platforms. Video is used for everything to inform and entertain us. We love to watch and pass video along since it’s so easy to share.

Businesses are getting in on the action too, publishing Animated Explainer Videos that cover just about any topic imaginable. It already has a great presence and will only continue to gain popularity as more and more visitors demand it. Short videos can be a smart marketing advantage and an excellent way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Here’s an example of how one of our client’s, Jencor Mortgage, used Animated Explainer Video to grab attention on their website, blog and social media platforms.

Jencor Mortgage

Animated Explainer Video Production Basics

When creating an Explainer video it’s important to:

  1.  Have a solid script to tell your story otherwise your video won’t connect with your target audience.
  2.  Have high-quality voice-over narration to match your visual story; each piece of the animation will
    be matched to the voice-over recording.
  3.  Select and assemble all the animation parts to bring your video to life.
  4.  Add the perfect music track to give your video some texture.

We’ll meet with you to discover your company’s objectives for your video project. Together we’ll develop your storyboard and script, provide voice-over audio, assemble all the individual animated pieces, and add the perfect music selection to enhance your high-quality video.

You too, can inform and captivate your visitors with creative, high-quality business video production. If you have questions or would like to learn more about the video production process, give us a call at 403-257-7047.

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Google making big changes to its Search algorithm as it tries to bury fake news from results.

Read full article by Mark Bergen, Bloomberg News, Financial Post  04.25.2017:

We’ve been working with our client, Marilyn Moldowan, for the past couple of months now to develop her new website. Marilyn is a Senior Real Estate Specialist who had a vision to create, and incorporate on her website and YouTube, short web videos outlining the key aspects of her service business for Seniors.

You’re likely aware that video is widely used in today’s web design. You can inform and captivate your visitors with creative, high-quality business video production. For our client, we shot and edited 10 web videos for the Home page of her site. She is super pleased with the outcome, thinks it’s a great looking and functional site, and is really proud of it. To us, that makes it all worth it ; )

View live site

Need a great website with web video to engage your site visitors?

We offer fast production process and turnaround times. Call 403-257-7047 to discuss your project or have all your questions answered.
We look forward to exploring your ideas.

Yes, in today’s business environment of online marketing, if you have a business, you really should have a website. Period. A website is not only a way of reaching more potential customers, but it will help your business gain credibility by virtue of being traceable and accessible over the Internet.

Here at Simply Effective we’re currently in the process of doing a website re-design for our client, Bergh Tatomir & Associates.

It never hurts to freshen up a site that’s been around for awhile! The key is to ensure that the core message being communicated, especially if successful, remains in tact. Together, along with our client, we are creating a website that speaks specifically to their target audience…a bold, new, fresh look…one that stands out from the rest.

Our client requested that their site be easy to navigate, quick and functional, and ready to launch within several weeks. To see the finished product, view the site at

Get in touch if you’re thinking about a website for your business or giving your existing site a facelift. Call 403-257-7047. We’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss any design ideas you might have.

Website trends come and go just like any other trends. It can be hard to stay on top of the ever-changing trends and developments. Our philosophy is to create uncluttered, minimalist-styled site designs that are current, but with no over-the-top use of trends. Simple, effective sites are all about streamlining design.

Read 8 Outdated Web Design Trends to Kick to the Curb for some of the latest web design trends that are on their way out!

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