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If you’re like us and have folks on your gift list that are hard to buy for, you’re likely always trying to come up with original ideas. Perhaps this year pre-paid website design services would make the perfect gift.

Simply Effective’s Christmas Pre-paid Services are ideal for anyone on your list considering a new website, a site revision or even help getting their social media off the ground. Something creative and original! Help your friends & family get their business ideas online.

Definitely a one-of-a-kind gift idea and one that keeps on giving…

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Taking good care of the back end of your site can have a big impact on site performance and is critical to keeping your site secure. If you’d rather spend your time running your business and attracting new clients rather than spending your time on site maintenance, we can help!

Give us a shout today to discuss our monthly WordPress site maintenance package. It will give you some peace of mind to know that your updates are all done for you.

WordPress 4.9 “Tipton”

Animated Business Video Production

You’re likely aware that video is widely used in today’s web design and social media platforms. Video is used for everything to inform and entertain us. We love to watch and pass video along since it’s so easy to share.

Businesses are getting in on the action too, publishing Animated Explainer Videos that cover just about any topic imaginable. It already has a great presence and will only continue to gain popularity as more and more visitor’s demand it. Short videos can be a smart marketing advantage and an excellent way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Here’s an example of how one of our client’s, Jencor Mortgage, used Animated Explainer Video to grab attention on their website blog and social media platforms.

Jencor Mortgage Explainer Video

Watch Video

You too, can inform and captivate your visitors with creative, high-quality business video production. Learn more about Video Production Basics.Give us a shout at 403-257-7047 to discuss your video marketing ideas.

Struggling to get traffic to your website?

Before you spend a lot of time or money trying to get traffic to your site, read about these three tactics that will help you get more visits. They’re called the 3P’s:

1. Getting visits to your site (Tactics Pull)

2. Push visits to your site (Tactics Push)

3. Using your product (Product)

More than likely a combination of the three tactics to get visitors would work best.

Read full article:


While internet marketers find that both email and social media can be effective platforms, email marketing still outperforms social media in engaging an audience, and as such, is a powerful tool available to your business.

Julia McCoy, founder and CEO of leading content agency Express Writers, states that in crafting an effective email you should:

“Speak to your reader’s hearts and minds. Be honest, direct, or bold, and give them a reason to keep reading. This is the best way to tap into e-mail’s power and potential from the get-go.”

Read The Best E-Mail Openings to Reel in Readers for 4 great e-mail writing techniques to capture your potential customer’s attention.

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