Minimalist-styled design means keeping websites simple, clean and modern, and focused on the site content. This means doing away with anything that doesn’t add value to the content such as heavy gradients, shadows, 3D effects, nonessential images, unnecessary decorations, and in many cases, the traditional sidebar.

Sidebars can often be a distraction with all their various content, images and icons, and not at all conducive to the current uncluttered clean design. You want your site visitors to zero in on and be engaged by your content not all the superfluous objects surrounding it.

While traditional sidebars still have their place, variations of them are trending. For example, devoting less sidebar space, making them more compact, and creating sidebar “space” but assigning it as white-space, that is, not filling it up with things that vie for your visitor’s attention. In many cases, designers are opting not to use sidebars at all for a super clean, crisp and unencumbered look.

You want your site visitor to have a positive experience, to be encouraged to stay longer, and to return again and again. So…keep it simple, clean, consistent and easy to follow to make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

This is just one simple design change that made an appearance in 2014 and that we will continue to see throughout 2015!

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